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January 2020
University of Michigan Infiltration System
University of Michigan Infiltration System (Central Campus) - Ann Arbor, Michigan
CON/SPAN, CDS and ArmorFlex Products Improve Stormwater Detention System

As part of a long-term stormwater management plan to correct flooding and damage occurring within the buildings located at the Central Campus at the University of Michigan, the following products were installed: a CDS® Hydrodynamic Separator, a CON/SPAN® O-Series® Concrete Infiltration System, EXPRESS® Foundations and ArmorFlex® Articulating Concrete Blocks. Together, these products created a long-lasting stormwater solution.

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Building Bridges
SR 1010 over Conestoga River
SR 1010 over Conestoga River
Talmage, Pennsylvania
CON/SPAN Replaces Deteriorating Structure

After the 102 year old structure located on SR 1010 over Conestoga River was deemed structurally deficient, a triple-cell CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System was selected as the best bridge replacement option for its rapid installation and the ability to mimic the look of the original, historic structure.

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Delta Lake Irrigation District Canal Replacement
Delta Lake Irrigation District
Edcouch, Texas
DuroMaxx Replaces and Provides Stream Crossing

When an existing concrete culvert bridge deteriorated to the point in which a replacement was needed, the Delta Lake Irrigation District decided to utilize DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) to cross the canal because it would be the most cost-efficient and durable irrigation solution.

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Pipe Solutions Blog
Designing Within Existing Infrastructure
  Designing Within Existing Infrastructure
  As a kid, I always wanted to dig holes in the ground. My mom wouldn’t let me, mostly because it would make our yard look ugly, but perhaps she also knew to call 811 first to verify the existence of any utility lines. Now that I work for a company that manufactures and designs culverts, I have people asking me: “There’s a sanitary sewer line underneath here, so how am I supposed to put a culvert there?” My mom’s voice is still inside my head wanting me to say: “Just don’t do it.” That would definitely be the easy answer, but then another voice in my head is screaming: “You work for a manufacturer that designs culverts, give ‘em a solution!” So, here’s how I tackle infrastructure constraints.
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Stormwater Blog
Media-Based Stormwater Filter Systems
  The Flexibility of Media-Based Stormwater Filter Systems
Media-based stormwater filtration systems are much more flexible in their design than their rigid, precast concrete structure would suggest. A brief look inside that durable housing identifies several design options these systems offer to further reinforce their flexibility. 
Just as each site differs in the way stormwater filtration practices are designed and deployed, state and local jurisdictions enforce a variety of regulations for pollutant removal. To address this, media filtration systems can be customized using various filter media to target site-specific pollutants.
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ASCE Interchange
asce interchange
Mistake Proofing Your Teams
All humans are prone to making mistakes, even engineers. But in a profession built on perfection, how do civil engineers handle making mistakes on the job? In this episode of the ASCE Interchange, Michael Howell, president of Arrow Engineering, discusses how to create a failure-resistant team.
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