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February 2020
Hard Rock Stadium
Hard Rock Stadium - Miami Gardens, Florida
CON/SPAN and Continental Structures Provide Safe Passage for Super Bowl LIV Fans

In preparation for hosting the 2020 NFL Super Bowl, pedestrian improvements needed to be accomplished at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida as quickly as possible. Home to the NFL Miami Dolphins and the University of Miami Hurricanes football team, the project was released for bid in February 2018 as a Design-Build project. In order to provide football fans with safe passage under and over roadways and into the stadium, four crossing structures were installed, including two CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge Systems and two Continental® Gateway®-style Pedestrian Truss structures.

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San Ysidro Family Housing
San Ysidro Family Housing
San Diego, California
ALT2 Stores Stormwater
The San Ysidro Family Housing project is a low-income housing development of approximately 150 units in the city of San Diego. Aluminized corrugated metal pipe (also known as ALT2) was selected as the best stormwater storage solution.
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Port Everglades Expansion
Port Everglades Expansion
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Slotted Drain Intercepts Stormwater Runoff

During a recent expansion project at Port Everglades to ensure it can handle future growth in container traffic, Slotted Drain was selected as the best solution to handle the anticipated stormwater sheet flow. Click here to view a video about the project.

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Pipe Solutions Blog
Now That's a Steep Slope
  Now That's a Steep Slope!

Skiers and children on sleds love a slope on a snowy day, while grounds keepers dread the slopes in mowing season. Slopes are part of our landscape, and we need to deal with them.

This applies to the design of a culvert installation as well, particularly when the slope is going across the culvert side-to-side, as opposed to being along the length of the culvert. A culvert requires balanced support on the sides in order to keep it stable. Corrugated pipes are designed to carry near-uniform loads, and having an unbalanced situation may result in deflection that leads to unwanted deformation, and the pipe’s integrity being compromised. 

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Stormwater Blog
Bound for Failure
  Bound for Failure
  In the nearly 20 years I’ve spent immersed in stormwater management matters, I’ve pondered many head-scratchers.  The proliferation of flawed policies, poor assumptions, questionable data and lack of enforcement have all been commonplace. However, I have always been comforted by the fact that we have collectively, albeit slowly at times, taken gradual steps forward in advancing the state of the art, bringing us seemingly closer to restoring and protecting our receiving waters. Given my desire for progress, I have grown increasingly befuddled over the last year or two with what I would deem a growing disregard for BMP maintainability.
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