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September 2023
Northline Development
Northline Development
Leander, Texas
CON/SPAN Crosses Pond, Becomes Signature Feature

A triple span CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System was installed at the 116-acre Northline Development to serve as a signature feature of the urban mixed-use community. Additionally, it was the best solution to allow adequate flow of floodwaters while seamlessly fitting into the rocky atmosphere. 

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San Artes Apartments
San Artes Apartments
Scottsdale, Arizona
CDS Hydrodynamic Separators Treat Stormwater Runoff
During construction of the San Artes Apartments in Scottsdale, Arizona, four CDS® Hydrodynamic Separators were installed to meet the city's requirements treat stormwater runoff prior to discharging into offsite retention basins.
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Delta Lake Irrigation District Canal A
Delta Lake Irrigation District Canal A
Edcouch, Texas
A-2000 Aids Water Conservation
In order to expand the distribution and increase efficiency of canals throughout the region, an A-2000™ PVC irrigation canal was determined to be the most optimal solution. 
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Hard Armor
Brown County, Ohio
A-Jacks Prolong Bridge Life
As intended, the installation of A-Jack® Hard Armor units successfully prolonged the life of a bridge over White Oak Creek for 11 years until it required full replacement in 2022. 
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Pipe Solutions Blog
  Reline or Replace? How to Assess the Current Condition of an Existing Culvert

When a culvert or storm sewer reaches the end of its useful service life, the option to excavate and replace is commonplace. However, having the additional option to reline the existing structure to provide a structural solution can save significant time and money. A key to determining whether or not to excavate and replace or to structural reline an existing pipe is to assess the condition of the current pipe.

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Stormwater Blog
  Removing Dissolved Pollutants from Stormwater — The Difference Between Adsorption and Absorption
  Stormwater runoff is a significant source of water pollution, carrying various pollutants from urban areas into natural water bodies. Most stormwater treatment efforts have focused on the capture of total suspended solids. Still, significant pollutant loads can be attributed to dissolved pollutants, such as heavy metals, nutrients, and organic compounds, which can have detrimental effects on aquatic ecosystems and public health.
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The Fundamentals of Stormwater Quality Regulations

This article will provide  an overview of how to find and interpret local stormwater quality regulations and design criteria, and how to find and use independently verified performance data to evaluate innovative stormwater control measures (SCMs) to meet regulatory goals.

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ASCE Interchange
Designing a New Generation of Smart Infrastructure
Will the infrastructure we build today be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow? It can be. As the threat of environmental and other complex hazards grows in our rapidly changing world, Mariantonieta Gutierrez discusses developing intelligent infrastructure for the future.
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