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September 2021
Point Lookout September 11 Memorial
Hempstead, New York
CON/SPAN Provides Backdrop for Waterfront Memorial
As a way to honor those who died on September 11, 2001, the Town of Hempstead built a waterfront memorial at Town Park Point Lookout. A CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System with EXPRESS® Foundations was included in the design to provide a backdrop for the memorial. The structure also allows visitors to traverse the bridge to a high point where views are directed to the site of the Twin Towers, or to pass under it to access the beach.
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Building Bridges
Flight 93 National Memorial
Shanksville, Pennsylvania
Continental Traverses Wetlands to Memorial
The Flight 93 National Memorial was constructed at the crash site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania to honor those lost in the September 11, 2001 tragedy. A Continental® Pedestrian Bridge was installed at the site to provide pedestrians dry passage over the wetlands area to the memorial.
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Granary and Laurel Street Revitalization
Bellingham, Washington
StormFilters Treat Roadway Runoff
When a new roadway was constructed at a site formerly occupied by a pulp and tissue mill, the stormwater treatment plan included nine Catch Basin StormFilters for its ease of maintenance and ability to meet treatment requirements.
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NMDOT Otero County Reline
Alamogordo, New Mexico
DuroMaxx Relines Structure at Air Force Base

DuroMaxx® SRPE was used to reline a 19-barrel drainage structure along the busy main gate of the Holloman Air Force Base. After the aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2001, Holloman Air Force Base was heavily trafficked so this repair greatly aided the Global War on Terror by maintaining the base’s ability to support the national security objectives.

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Pipe Solutions Blog
  A Reflection of 9/11

When I was young, my parents would mention that they remembered where they were when they first heard President Kennedy had been shot. They even had old newspapers which covered the assassination stashed away. While I understood this saying to signify a terrible event in US history, I could never fully understand the gambit of emotions that they felt with their fellow Americans, and the rest of the world, on that day. How could I? I wasn’t there. I always knew it was tragic, but did not personally experience that tragedy.



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Stormwater Blog
  What Is High Rate Biofiltration?
  High rate biofiltration continues to gain acceptance within the regulatory and engineering community as an acceptable alternative to traditional bioretention. These systems provide high treatment levels in a compact size making bioretention feasible on sites where traditional bioretention is not possible. They have earned numerous agency approvals for meeting water quality standards for post-construction BMPs. In addition, they benefit from being smaller in size, which saves valuable land space and reduces long-term maintenance costs compared to traditional bioretention. But what exactly is high-rate biofiltration?
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