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September 2020
Mud Creek Tributary
Mud Creek Tributary - Pawnee County, Oklahoma
BridgeCor Replaces Deteriorating Structure

When Pawnee County widened County Road S 3460, the channel was cleared to allow for a new structure. Built in 1932, the original pony truss was declared structurally obsolete and was replaced with a BridgeCor® Structural Plate 2-Radius Arch for its large opening, cost savings, and minimal impact to the stream. 

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Building Bridges
Monroe Street over Rice Creek
Monroe Street over Rice Creek
Marshall, Michigan
CON/SPAN O-Series Mimics Look of Historic Structure
When a deteriorating bridge on Monroe Street over Rice Creek needed to be replaced, the city selected a CON/SPAN® O-Series® Bridge System for its ability to mimic the look of its current infrastructure and its historic landmarks while also accommodating the tight site constraints and utilities.
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Agate Bay Phase 2
Agate Bay Phase 2
Bellingham, Washington
StormFilters Remove Phosphorus from Drinking Water Source

During part of the effort to improve drinking water in the Agate Bay region, three Stormwater Management StormFilters® were installed to remove total phosphorus (TP) while providing a cost savings as compared to alternative treatment systems.

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Hobby International Airport
Southwest Hangar at Hobby International Airport
Houston, Texas
DuroMaxx Captures Contaminated Runoff

During the expansion of Southwest Airlines' maintenance complex at William P. Hobby International Airport, DuroMaxx® steel reinforced PE (SRPE) was selected as the best underground water tight tanks option.



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Pipe Solutions Blog
You Have Options When Designing Large Storm Sewer Systems
  You Have Options When Designing Large Storm Sewer Systems

When it comes to designing large storm sewer conveyance systems, did you know there are alternatives to reinforced box culverts? Traditionally, you may be used to defaulting to concrete when looking at larger systems, but have you ever heard of Smooth Cor™? Smooth Cor double wall is a hydraulically efficient corrugated metal pipe product that combines the strength of a corrugated outer shell, a smooth steel liner, and the durability of a polymer coating! By combining both strength and durability, Smooth Cor represents a cost-effective and installation friendly alternative to concrete box culverts ranging in size from 3’ x 3’ to 7’ x 7’ or more. 

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Stormwater Blog
Examining Stone Void Storage
  Examining Stone Void Storage: Is 40% a Reliable Number?

Stormwater detention systems often include a large portion of the storage volume within the voids of the backfill material. Depending on the underground structure design and size, allocated stone storage can vary between 25-60% of the overall storage for the project. The generally accepted number has been 40% stone void storage. However, there have been few national studies to prove the 40% storage amount is reliable. Engineers need to ask if this number is indeed accurate, and if not, what is the implication on designs? 



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