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November 2023
Jackson Hole Airport Runway Improvement
Jackson Hole Airport Runway Improvement
Teton County, Wyoming
Slotted Drain Captures Surface Runoff Along Runway

During an improvement project at Jackson Hole Airport, Slotted Drain was selected as the best option to capture all the surface runoff along the runway for its ability to withstand the weight of heavy aircraft while also providing an efficient snow removal system during the winter.

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Building Bridges
Pickering Road Entry
Pickering Road Entry
East Pikeland Township, Pennsylvania
Big R Bridge Prevents Water Overtopping
A Big R Bridge® Rolled Girder was installed as the best residential entrance solution for its ability to avoid overtopping during flood events, while also meeting site and budget constraints.
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Upper Buckley Water Quality Retrofit
Tacoma, Washington
CDS Hydrodynamic Separator, StormFilter and StormGate Treat Stormwater

Failing storm drainage infrastructure was replaced with a new storm sewer system that included a CDS hydrodynamic separator, StormFilter media filtration system and a StormGate high-flow bypass structure that will improve water quality by providing treatment for suspended solids and phosphorus.

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Pipe Solutions Blog
  Capturing Rainwater

Fall is finally here! The sun rises a little later and sets a little sooner, the days and nights become cooler. This causes the leaves to change color, and we get to see the brilliance of nature. This is my favorite time of the year for several reasons but most especially it means it’s Football season. The gridiron of gladiators is truly the best sport on the planet. September, October and November tailgates at the stadium are awesome that is, of course, if it isn’t raining.

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Stormwater Blog
Large Rainstorm
  The Vital Role of Design Storms in Civil Engineering and Stormwater Management

In civil engineering and stormwater management, a design storm refers to a specific rainfall event defined and described by the statistical likelihood of the event occurring in a given rainfall year. Design storms are used as a standard for designing and evaluating stormwater infrastructure.


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Newsworthy Webinar - Earn a PDH Credit
Beneath the Surface: Exploring Underground Stormwater Detention Material Options
Thursday | December 7 | 2:00 PM EST

The choice of materials directly affects the performance, longevity and costs of stormwater detention systems. A thorough understanding of available materials options empowers civil engineers to design stormwater detention systems that are efficient, cost-effective and easy to maintain.

In this webinar, Contech engineers will provide the information needed to evaluate and select the best detention material for use on various sites. 

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