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November 2020
EPCWID Redd Road CAnal
EPCWID Redd Road Canal - Canutillo, Texas
DuroMaxx Carries Canal Under Access Road
El Paso County Water Improvement District (EPCWID), a Public Irrigation District in El Paso County, selected a DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) structure as the best solution to carry a canal under an access road. It was decided that the DuroMaxx pipe would provide more durability in the higher alkaline waters.
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Building Bridges
Scissortail Park
Scissortail Park
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Continental Allows Pedestrians to Cross Lake
When a new pedestrian crossing was needed to span the lake at the new 70-acre Scissortail Park in downtown Oklahoma City, a Continental® Pedestrian Truss was selected as the best solution. 
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Fleur Drive - Ruan Connector
Fleur Drive - Ruan Connector
Des Moines, Iowa
CON/SPAN and EXPRESS Foundations Provide Safe Passage for Pedestrians
In order to provide pedestrians with safe passage under busy Fleur Drive and access to nearby attractions, a CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System placed on EXPRESS® Foundations for its ability to provide an expedited installation.
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Market Street Retrofit
Market Street Retrofit
Spokane, Washington
Filterra Removes Stormwater Pollutants
The Market Street project involved removing and replacing existing catch basins with Filterra® Bioretention Systems that capture and remove stormwater pollutants such as trash and debris, oils and grease, sediments, nutrients, and metals.
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Pipe Solutions Blog
The Case for Lightweight Fills in Reline Applications
  The Case for Lightweight Fills in Reline Applications

Relining existing pipes and culverts is becoming an increasingly popular means of addressing aging utilities.  The advantages of sliplining include the following:

  • Minimal disruption of traffic
  • Cost-effective in many cases when compared to replacement
  • Potentially faster project completion
  • Lower environmental impact versus replacement


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Stormwater Blog
Designing MTDs with Maintenance in Mind - Part 1
  Designing Manufactured Treatment Devices (MTDs) with Maintenance in Mind - Part 1: Factors That Drive MTD Maintenance Costs

Manufactured Treatment Devices (MTDs) are similar to non-proprietary stormwater BMPs in that they must be maintained so they perform as intended. However, the majority of effort and focus are typically placed upon the initial design and construction of stormwater treatment facilities, with little thought as to how these systems will be maintained long term. In all cases, the property owner is left responsible for the consequences of decisions made by others during the design and construction phases, nearly all of whom have moved on to new projects once the construction phase of the project is terminated. 

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ASCE Interchange
Leading in a Multigenerational Workplace
In our profession, effective collaboration is essential, especially now that there are 5 generations working side by side. ⁠ ⁠ In this episode of ASCE Interchange, Muhammad Elgammal discusses how to lead in a multi-generational workplace.
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