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May 2022
Miami-Dade County Emergency Reline
Miami-Dade County Emergency Reline
Miami, Florida
HEL-COR Relines Existing, Collapsed Culvert

After a culvert partially collapsed in Miami-Dade County, it was imperative that a solution be found quickly in order to avoid any further damage to the culvert and the roadway above. After being deemed the most structurally efficient and cost effective solution, a HEL-COR® ALT2 was utilized to reline the existing culvert. 

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Building Bridges
Chelsea-Stockbridge M-52 Trail Connection
Chelsea-Stockbridge M-52 Trail Connection
Chelsea, Michigan
CON/SPAN Connects Trail under Highway
When a bridge was needed to connect a trail under a highway, a CON/SPAN® Arch-Box Bridge System, a four-sided precast tunnel with integral precast slab foundation, was selected as the best solution. 
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Peck Elementary and Early Childhood Center
Peck Elementary and Early Childhood Center
Centerline, Michigan
CMP and CDS Hydrodynamic Separator Manage Stormwater

During construction of the Peck Elementary and Early Childhood Center, local regulations required a retention/infiltration system able to handle a 100-year storm event. Engineers designed an underground stormwater management system using corrugated metal pipe (CMP) and a CDS hydrodynamic separator.

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Pipe Solutions Blog
Put A Pipe Under That Hill?? Inconceivable!
  Put A Pipe Under That Hill?? Inconceivable!

In the smash hit 1987 film, The Princess Bride, Princess Buttercup violently pushes her beloved Westley down an endlessly sloped hillside. We know what you’re thinking: “Could a corrugated metal pipe possibly be placed underneath such a sloped hill? Inconceivable!” This question has plagued men and women alike since the invention of corrugated steel pipe. Thankfully, AASHTO and ASTM have spelled out a solution for us all. And that solution, my friends, is graphically depicted below, which will be elaborated on…




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Stormwater Blog
Hitting a Knuckleball, Field Monitoring of Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  Hitting a Knuckleball, Field Monitoring of Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  When I think about field monitoring, I often think about baseball. More specifically, I think about the knuckleball pitch. Since the knuckleball pitch has little to no spin, the ball moves in a completely unpredictable fashion. Unlike a fastball or a curveball, there are no pitching mechanics to indicate where the ball will likely wind up after leaving the pitcher's hand. On its 60.5-foot trip from the pitcher's mound, the ball can shift direction multiple times, stay flat, or drop out of the air before crossing over the plate. The pitch is so challenging to hit that some players have chosen to sit out games when a knuckleballer is pitching.
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Bio Clean
Bio Clean Solutions to be Integrated into Contech

Contech is merging the product lines of Bio Clean into its stormwater management product portfolio. The move results from Contech's parent company, Quikrete Holdings, Inc., purchasing Forterra, Inc., the parent company of Bio Clean. 


Bio Clean has a strong team with a 20-year history of product innovation and project success within the stormwater industry. Bio Clean products to be incorporated into Contech's portfolio include the Modular Wetlands® bioretention system, the Kraken® Filter, and the UrbanPond® detention system. Our customers will benefit from an expanded stormwater management solutions from a single provider. Contech will provide additional information and educational opportunities about Bio Clean's products in the months to come.
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ASCE Interchange
Reimagining Infrastructure with Future World Vision’s Mega City 2070
Mega City 2070 is the latest phase of the Future World Vision project. It’s an immersive, 3D digital experience that allows you to visualize the future by placing you at the heart of a plausible city in 2070. Gerald Buckwalter, chief innovation officer for ASCE, discusses how the project is helping engineers reimagine infrastructure.
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