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May 2020
Bosque Brewery Bernalillo
Bernalillo, New Mexico
DuroMaxx Tank Provides Sanitary Sewer Overflow System

During the construction of a new production brewery and taproom, a sanitary sewer overflow system was needed to merge into the existing live flow sanitary sewer line. A DuroMaxx® SRPE SSO tank was selected for its ability to meet project requirements, while providing significant cost savings when compared to the alternate fiberglass solution. 

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Building Bridges
I-94 Montana DOT
I-94 Montana DOT
Hysham, Montana
MULTI-PLATE Relines Original Deficient Structure
After a structure on I-94 was deemed insufficient, the Montana Department of Transportation decided the best option was to reline it with a MULTI-PLATE® Custom Shape Arch.
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Reynolds Creek Crossing
Reynolds Creek Crossing
Tuolomne, California
CON/SPAN i-Series Replaces Undersized Culvert
The USDA Forest Service (USDA) replaced an undersized, deteriorating twin culvert with a CON/SPAN® i-Series™ Bridge System for its ability to eliminate the need for large, costly footings. 
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Shops At Broad
Shops at Broad
Mansfield, Texas
CDS and StormGate Manage Stormwater

During construction of the 81-acre mixed-use development, the Shops at Broad, nine CDS® hydrodynamic separators, combined with four StormGate™ bypass structures, were selected as the best products to manage the stormwater runoff. 

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Pipe Solutions Blog
  Tapping a Corrugated PVC Pipe... It's Easy

Over the two decades I’ve been involved with Contech A-2000™ PVC Pipe, there are a handful of concerns I am asked about once-a-year, it seems. One of them is in regard to field tapping the profile wall, or corrugated, A-2000 sewer pipe. Some engineers are worried that the tap can’t be water tight, so here are a few thoughts to consider.



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Stormwater Blog
Total Suspended Solids
  Total Suspended Solids: A Seemingly Simple, Yet Often Frustrating Metric
  Nearly twenty years ago, the debate over the most appropriate method to measure the solids concentration in stormwater samples was front and center.  The great total suspended solids (TSS) vs. suspended sediment concentration (SSC) deliberation.  Compounding the problem was the fact that TSS represented both a regulatory benchmark and a specific analytical method, of which there are multiple variations.  
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ASCE Interchange
ASCE Interchange
How to Influence Others Without Positional Power
Although it may seem difficult, it’s possible to lead without being authoritative. A command-and-control leadership approach – “I lead, you follow” – is ineffective in most business situations. In this episode of “ASCE Interchange,” Carol Martsolf, vice president and director of training at Urban Engineers, discusses how you can exert influence without authority and how it benefits civil engineering teams.
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