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March 2023
Chimney Hollow Reservoir
Chimney Hollow Reservoir
Loveland, Colorado
CON/SPAN O-Series Carries Recreational Road and Provides Cover for Penstocks

Located along Colorado's front range, the new Chimney Hollow Reservoir will provide a yield of 30,000 acre-feet annually. As part of the project, a CON/SPAN® O-Series® Bridge System was utilized to carry a new recreational road to the reservoir while also providing cover for two 72" penstocks which transport water to the front range.

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Southwest Missouri Rail and Business Park
Southwest Missouri Rail and Business Park
Strafford, Missouri
DuroMaxx Provides Emergency Overflow Basin
During construction of the new Southwest Missouri Regional Rail and Business Park, a DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) combined sewer overflow (CSO) system with anti-flotation tiedowns was selected as the best emergency overflow basin solution.
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Smith Road Mini Storage
Smith Road Mini Storage
Ferndale, Washington
Filterra and ChamberMaxx Manage Stormwater

When a new mini storage facility needed a stormwater management system that included quantity and quality controls, the solution was a combination of two Peak Diversion Filterra bioretention systems and a low-profile ChamberMaxx chamber system.



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Pipe Solutions Blog
Deep Foundation Types for Wind Turbines
  Deep Foundation Types for Wind Turbines

We recently held a webinar which focused on vertical applications for corrugated steel pipe, and I had the opportunity to give a quick overview of the two main deep foundation types used for wind turbines. It made sense to follow up with some of that discussion here on the Pipe Blog for those that may not have been able to attend.

There are two standard types of foundations utilized in wind turbine design. They are gravity spread and deep foundations.




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Stormwater Blog
  Six Filter Media Options to Meet Stormwater Treatment Regulations

Stormwater regulations are calling for an increased level of treatment. Engineers often specify manufactured, media-based filtration systems to meet the most stringent stormwater treatment regulations.

Media filters work in two ways. First, stormwater passes over and through the media. Pollutants become trapped in the voids between media particles and on media particle surfaces themselves. The second way media filters remove pollutants from stormwater is through chemical reactions and adsorption. Adsorption occurs when a pollutant is removed through chemical or molecular actions.

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ASCE Interchange
Renewing Infrastructure for a Healthier Tomorrow
A major infrastructure initiative in Alexandria, Virginia, will create cleaner and healthier waterways while preserving the city’s historic nature. In this ASCE Interchange, Priyanka Saha, civil and hydraulics lead for Alexandria Renew Enterprises' RiverRenew project, discusses renewing infrastructure for a better tomorrow.
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Maximize Your Project Dollars With Contech Buried Bridges
Thursday | March 30 | 11 AM EST

Learn about efficient, economic and extraordinary uses of plate and precast structures as we:

  • Examine the considerations that go into feasibility, planning, design and installation of prefabricated structures.
  • Review unique plate and precast bridge projects and solutions.
  • Understand the benefits of prefabricated bridges and how to fast track your next project. 
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