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June 2023
Carillon Historical Park
Dayton, Ohio
CON/SPAN, MULTI-PLATE and BridgeCor Structures Provide Focal Point and Train Overpass
A recent expansion project at Carillon Historical Park included the addition of a bridge rich in local history and an electric powered train. The mile long train ride includes a narration about Dayton's history as it loops around the park and over the iconic bridge.
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North Fork Clover Creek WQ Retrofit
Parkland, Washington
Filterra Bioscape Improves Water Quality

Engineers used a 570-square-foot Filterra Bioscape®  high-flow bioretention system to intercept and treat a basin on 37 acres to improve water quality in Clover Creek.

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Rubonia Subdivision Drainage Improvements
Rubonia Subdivision Drainage Improvements
Palmetto, Florida
A-2000 Alleviates Neighborhood Flooding Concerns
In order to alleviate flooding issues in the Rubonia Subdivision, A-2000™ PVC was installed as the best storm drain solution. 
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Pipe Solutions Blog
  Considering A-2000™ PVC for Your Next Sanitary or Storm Sewer Project? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Why is PVC pipe the right material for water and sanitary and storm sewer utilities? Today, I'd like to cover some key advantages for using PVC, and why it's been approved for use for decades. 

PVC pipes have been used in the U.S. since the 1960s. It is made from a vinyl chloride monomer mixed with additives and modifiers to make a compound. This compound is then extruded into different sizes and shapes, including solid wall and corrugated profiles. PVC has been proven for multiple applications over the years for its unique strength, joint integrity, and corrosion resistant properties.

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Stormwater Blog
  Got Rock?

Where are you buying structural backfill these days? Is what you need readily available, or are you looking outside your area and/or waiting an extended time for delivery? With available land space continuing to decrease, stormwater detention/retention is commonly being designed underground. The current construction boom and increasing detention volume requirements have made rock scarce and expensive in many parts of the country. Rock, gravel, and other aggregates suitable for utilization as structural backfill require extraction, transportation, and availability in the area of the job site, placing increased pressure on quarries near developing areas that may struggle to meet the demand. Engineers, developers and contractors are all asking, “How can we eliminate or reduce the amount of rock required on underground detention systems?”

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Irrigation & Water Conservation Solutions| Sustainable Management of Our Natural Resources
Thursday | June 22 | 2 PM EST
Join Contech experts on a virtual ditch ride through recent canal enclosure case histories from across North America. You will learn: purpose of enclosing canals, design and layout considerations, installation best practices, and discover how to leverage the Contech Engineered Solutions Team to support your needs. Participants earn one Professional Development Hour.
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ASCE Interchange
ASCE Interchange
How Can We Advance America’s Port Infrastructure?
The United States’ more than 300 ports serve as major economic drivers. In this ASCE Interchange Live, Ana Tijerina Esquino, an engineer for Mott MacDonald and advisor for the Committee on America’s Infrastructure, joins ASCE for a discussion on progressing America’s port infrastructure.
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ASCE International Airfield & Highway Pavements Conference in Austin, Texas - June 14-16
ASCE UESI Pipelines Conference in San Antonio, Texas - August 14-16
Western Bridge Engineers' Seminar in Phoenix, Arizona - September 5-8
California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) in San Diego, California - September 11-12
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