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June 2021
Centennial Lakes Park
Edina, Minnesota
BridgeCor Replaces Deteriorating Structures at Park
When two aging pedestrian bridges at Centennial Lakes Park became too expensive to maintain, the City of Edina elected to replace them with two BridgeCor® Structural Plates from Contech Engineered Solutions. The new structures were designed to preserve the eye-catching attributes of the old bridges, but with wider deck surfaces, decorative lighting, and more. 
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BJ's Warehouse
Madison Heights, Michigan
Aluminized Type II Corrugated Metal Pipe Detains Stormwater
During construction of a new BJ's Warehouse, an Aluminized Type II Corrugated Metal Pipe detention system was utilized for its easy installation. 
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Sand Run Parkway
Fairlawn, Ohio
SmoothCor Storm Sewer
In order to address an emergency storm sewer repair, Smooth Cor™ double-wall pipe was selected as the best solution for its ability to meet the project's requirements.
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Pipe Solutions Blog
  Where in the Deck? ... Drain
  Have you ever heard of Theodore Cooper? Well, if you work in the railroad industry, you might say, “Yes, I have.” If you are a civil design engineer and member of the “Order of the Engineer” and wear a stainless-steel ring on the little finger of the working hand, you might say, “No, I have not.” However, the vast majority of Civil Engineers have heard of E80 Cooper loading. 
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Stormwater Blog
  What Is Redevelopment?

As cities grow and expand, we hear the word redevelopment tossed around more frequently. But what is redevelopment? In its most simplistic definition, redevelopment is the action or process of developing something again or differently. How that applies to the civil site world is any new construction on a site that has pre-existing uses.

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Reline Solutions for Aging Storm Sewers, Culverts and More
Wednesday | June 23rd | 1 PM EST

Please join Contech Engineered Solutions as we discuss design solutions & methods for the structural rehabilitation of storm drains, sanitary sewers, culverts, and bridge structures. Typically, when drainage infrastructure reaches the end of a useful service life, the decision to excavate and replace is commonplace. But replacing these structures can be costly and disruptive. Rehabilitation or relining of culverts, storm sewers and small bridges can be a faster and less expensive option that imparts little to no impact on traffic maintenance.

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Newsworthy - Contech Educational Webinar #2
Summer Roadtrip Webinar: Tour Contech’s Structures at Popular Vacation Destinations
Thursday | July 15th | 1 PM EST

Take a ride with Contech’s leading experts as we explore prefabricated solutions on a summer tour throughout the United States. From the beach, lakes, amusement parks and national parks to transportation projects, this light-hearted webinar will highlight diverse Contech structure applications that you may encounter in your travels this summer.

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