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June 2020
U.S. 40 Wildlife Crossing
U.S. 40 Wildlife Crossing - Heber City, Utah
BridgeCor Improves Public Safety

In order to enhance the safety for the traveling public while also reducing the amount of animal strikes on U.S. 40, the Utah Department of Transportation decided that the best solution was the installation of a BridgeCor® Structural Plate. The new structure serves as a vehicular overpass and wildlife underpass. 

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Building Bridges
Norwegian Cruise Line Terminal
Norwegian Cruise Line Terminal
Miami, Florida
Continental Provides Safe Passage for Pedestrians
During construction of a new terminal for Norwegian Cruises, a Continental® Pedestrian Truss bridge was needed to provide pedestrians with safe access from the new terminal to another existing building.
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My Locker
My Locker
Detroit, Michigan
Corrugated Metal Pipe Manages Stormwater
When My Locker expanded its production and office facility, an underground corrugated metal pipe (CMP) detention system was deemed the best fit for the project requirements.  
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Blevins Farms Subdivision
Bowling Green, Kentucky
ULTRA FLO Provides Storm Sewer Solution
When 100 new houses were constructed, ULTRA FLO® pipe was utilized as the best storm sewer solution in the new development. 
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Pipe Solutions Blog
Conditions Assessment Options for Reline
  Condition Assessment Options for Reline

One of the largest concerns municipalities have when sliplining an existing pipe structure is if the liner pipe will fit inside the host pipe. There are a myriad of potential host pipe problems which determine liner pipe clearance: misaligned joints, out of roundness, protruding laterals, long radius curves, elbows, or pipeline breaks/deflections. These unforeseen complications are what rob designers of their slumber, creating nightmares of contractors onsite with pipe which will not fit.

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Stormwater Blog
What's the Difference Between Detention and Retention
  What's the Difference Between Detention and Retention?
  Contech has published several blog posts that refer to corrugated metal pipe (CMP) for underground storage of stormwater. We were a bit surprised when some engineers challenged our use of the word detention. Two different engineers commented on LinkedIn that the proper term to use was retention, not detention. Based on these comments, we thought it would be a good idea to explore the meaning of these terms and how they are used to describe stormwater management activities.
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ASCE Interchange
ASCE Interchange
The Rise of Shared Mobility
In this episode of “ASCE Interchange,” Kristin Musulin, senior editor at Smart Cities Dive, discusses how the rise of shared mobility is reshaping cities, and the challenges civil engineers face in keeping up with this growing trend.
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Upcoming Events
Contech will be participating in the following events, and we invite you to attend!
Lessons Learned: Flood Control Mitigation Using Hard Armor Solutions Webinar - Tuesday, July 28 - 11:00 AM EST and 2:00 PM EST
UESI Pipelines 2020 Conference - August 8-11, Virtual Event
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