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June 2019
KYTC Graves County - KY 849 and KY 2194
KYTC Graves County - KY 849 and KY 2194
Graves County, Kentucky
Aluminum Box Culverts Replace Structures Damaged During Flood

Recent flooding on two deteriorating pipe structures located along KY 2194 and KY 849 led to both roads being closed for several months. A timely solution was needed and Aluminum Box Culverts (ALBCs) were the right solution. The ALBC structures provided efficient and reliable installations and proved to be a cost effective system. 

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Northwood School Expansion
Northwood School Expansion
Northwood, Ohio
Terre Arch Stores Stormwater Runoff

When the Northwood City School district constructed a new Pre-K through 12 school, a Terre Arch concrete detention system was installed underground to store stormwater runoff.

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Livonia West Commerce Center Reline
Livonia West Commerce Center Reline
Livonia, Michigan
DuroMaxx Relines Deteriorating Sewer Line

During redevelopment of sites in the Industrial Corridor of Livonia, Michigan, DuroMaxx® SRPE liner pipe was selected to reline the existing 72-inch and 66-inch concrete storm sewer line.

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Pipe Solutions Blog
And the Lifetime Achievement Award Goes to ...
  And the Lifetime Achievement Award Goes to ...

If you were to work at a firm for 50 years or stay married to the love of your life for 50 years, would you say that was a remarkable milestone? Would one consider this to be a life time of service where congratulations are in order? So, tell me, when a design engineer chooses to use a pipe product that has an anticipated design service life of 50 years, and it lasts that long, is that not also a remarkable service life? Did the engineer of record expect it to last forever? Do you?



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Stormwater Blog
Overreliance on Cut and Paste Stormwater Standards
  Danger Posed by Overreliance on Cut and Paste Stormwater Standards
  When I look around the full breadth of the stormwater landscape, I often find myself frustrated with the proliferation of assumptions and policies from one program to another with little regard for whether they were appropriate in the first place or are likely to impart meaningful water quality improvement. Once something appears in a BMP manual or on the website of a credible regulatory program, it’s bound to show up in many others in the years that follow. Cut and paste policy adoption is certainly not a new problem in stormwater, but maybe it’s time we try to kick the habit!
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ASCE Interchange
How to Rock Your LinkedIn
In this episode of the ASCE Interchange, Erica Pyatt, senior account executive at LinkedIn, discusses the benefits of having a LinkedIn profile as a young professional and offers tips on how to make your profile stand out from the crowd.
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