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July 2023
Digital Technology Site
Digital Technology Site
New Albany, Ohio
Aluminized Steel Type 2 Manages Stormwater

During the construction of two chip factories, the site called for a stormwater management system to capture runoff from the temporary construction facilities. Given the enormous runoff volume of 2.2 million cubic feet, a traditional land-based solution was not feasible. An underground detention system constructed from Aluminized Steel Type 2 was selected as the best solution.

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Building Bridges
Lansing River Trail
Lansing River Trail Improvements
Lansing, Michigan
Continental Bridges Provide Pedestrian Access
During a recent trail upgrade and improvement project at Riverfront Park, nine Continental® Pedestrian Truss structures were installed, providing pedestrians with continuous trail access.
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Brown County Culvert Replacement
Brown County Culvert Replacement
Horton, Kansas
HEL-COR Replaces Deteriorating Culvert
An existing concrete box culvert in poor condition was replaced with an Aluminized (ALT2) HEL-COR® 5x1 CMP solution with a prefabricated headwall.
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Pipe Solutions Blog
Canal Enclosure
  The Benefits of Piping Open Canals

We recently held a Pipe webinar on Irrigation Canals entitled, "Irrigation Solutions | Sustainable Management of Our National Resources," and we wanted to include just a few key points here on the Pipe Blog that may be of particular interest to those of you who missed it. Irrigation districts are increasingly deciding to pipe existing open channels to save water, reduce maintenance, and improve public safety. There are a few ways that this can be accomplished, from reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) and large-diameter fiberglass pipe to steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE). In particular, one of the most viable solutions is DuroMaxx® SRPE. DuroMaxx® is 100% made in America product and meets the requirements of Buy America, AIS, and other standards. It is an excellent solution for canal enclosures. It can operate under various pressures and is capable of connecting to dissimilar materials.



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Stormwater Blog
No Dumping Drains to Waterway
  What Goes on at Outfalls When There is No Rain - A Primer on Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) Programs
  Eliminating illicit discharges within our storm sewers through an illicit discharge detection and elimination (IDDE) program is critical to improving the overall health of local waterways. Illicit discharges, like stormwater runoff generated within the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4), flow directly into a receiving waterbody. Whereas post-construction stormwater control measures (SCMs) are designed to reduce typical pollutants (e.g. sediment, trash, and nutrients) in stormwater runoff prior to it entering receiving waters, illicit discharges pose a unique challenge because they contain atypical pollutants that can go untreated and may also increase the maintenance frequency of post-construction SCMs. Storm sewers and post-construction SCMs simply are not intended to receive, treat, or discharge dry weather runoff laden with atypical pollutants.
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