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January 2022
Flamingo Crossings
Orlando, Florida
CMP Detention System Detains Stormwater
Flamingo Crossings is a mixed-use development that lies just west of a major theme park in Orlando, Florida. Due to the vast scale of the project (759,000 cubic feet in stormwater storage), stormwater needed to be stored underground to allow the land savings necessary to develop the project on the scale required. The best design to maximize vertical storage space and minimize stone bedding utilized three different sizes of CMP. 
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Building Bridges
University Drive over I-44
Rolla, Missouri
Continental Provides Safer Passage for Pedestrians
Painted in the University of Missouri Science and Technology's signature green color, the new Continental truss bridge provides safer passage for students heading to classes.
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Jaycee Building Channel Enclosure
Huntsville, Alabama
HEL-COR Supplies Storm Drain Solution
The 12,000 sq. ft. Jaycee Community Building is utilized by the surrounding community for tradeshows, fundraisers, reunions and other social gatherings. A The HEL-COR drainage system was utilized to disguise an unsightly open drainage ditch on the property.  
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Pipe Solutions Blog
  3 Ways to Improve Teamwork and Streamline Your Next Project!
  “Wow, I don’t even know what you all do but I’d like to work for a company like that!” said the waitress after she overheard the team recounting short stories and expressing gratitude for each other at dinner post end of year training. “We sell culvert pipe” is not what she expected to hear, and everyone doubled over laughing. Not a single person talked about how great the products are, which they are and deserve their own complete discussions; all were reflecting on the effort of the team over the past year recognizing that’s the real reason for success and satisfaction for each individual’s career.
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Stormwater Blog
  Top 2 Benefits of High-Rate Biofiltration

High-rate biofiltration differs from traditional bioretention in that it has been optimized for high volume/flow treatment and high pollutant removal. Traditional bioretention footprints with typical design flow rates of 1-12 inches per hour can occupy up to 10% of the contributing impervious drainage area. In addition, the individual components of traditional bioretention (mulch, soil, underdrain and plants) are designed by the engineer and sourced and installed by the contractor.



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