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January 2021
Rialto Fulfillment Center - Buildings 1 & 2
Rialto, California
CMP Detention Manages Stormwater
In order to meet the growing demands of online shoppers, a new distribution center complex was built on a 120-acre site in Rialto, California. A 1.6 million cubic foot stormwater management system was needed, and corrugated metal pipe (CMP) was selected as the best solution for its ability to meet the storage requirements while also decreasing the system's footprint.
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Building Bridges
Dallas Baptist University
Dallas Baptist University
Dallas, Texas
BEBO Provides Stream Crossing
During an expansion project at Dallas Baptist University, a BEBO® Bridge Concrete Arch System was selected as the best solution to span the creek separating the main campus from the eastern portion of the campus.
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The Hub
The Hub
Bowling Green, Kentucky
ULTRA FLO and HEL-COR Provide Storm Sewer
During the development of a 103-acre, mixed use commercial and residential project, a storm sewer system consisting of ULTRA FLO® and HEL-COR® pipe was installed to handle the additional runoff from the roadways. 
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Hard Armor
Laramie River Pipeline Protection
Laramie River Pipeline Protection
Laramie, Wyoming
ArmorFlex Protects Shoreline

When the bank of Laramie River was starting to scour all the way down to a water pipelines' anchor blocks and exposting them, ArmorFlex® Class 50 Mats were installed as the best solution to protect the shoreline. 

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Pipe Solutions Blog
  Management and Leadership in the Engineered Construction Industry
  Just as any other technical industry in the 21st century, Civil Engineers are tasked with more than competence in the basic principles of their practice. They must master the latest technologies to produce plans that are useable by all trades and other professions working collaboratively to execute the project, they must maintain knowledge of an ever changing regulatory environment, they must produce deliverables on a tighter timeline than ever before, and they must do all of this while being stewards of their clients’ needs, desires, and budget. Civil Engineers must also stay abreast of engineered products available that best meet these requirements and challenges. Engineered civil site products companies, like Contech, are a great partner in this endeavor providing resources, tools, and consultants to address these many requirements.
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Stormwater Blog
  The MTD Stigma: Is It Finally Time to Move Manufactured Treatment Devices Out of the Shadows?

Perhaps stigma is too strong a word, but for those that have been around storm water management circles a while, it’s hard to ignore the fact that manufactured storm water treatment devices (MTDs) continue to live in the shadows despite more than two decades of innovation, performance data and contributions to the stormwater management sector at large. Regardless of how much credible data is available, or how well a particular MTD performs relative to applicable standards, there is often still a level of skepticism and/or additional barriers in place relative to their use. It’s vital that we have a reasonable level of confidence in the performance expectations of all BMPs, but we shouldn’t unjustly overlook an entire drawer in our storm water toolbox.


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