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Choose which time works best for you on Tuesday, July 28th!

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Please join Contech Engineered Solutions for a FREE 1-hour webinar hosted by Dan Priest, Clayton Fawcett, Barrie King and guest speaker Pieter Bakker, Global Manager Xbloc at Delta Marine Consultants on "Lessons Learned: Flood Control Mitigation Using Hard Armor Solutions." 

Participants Earn One Professional Development Hour.*


Floods are made more likely by the extreme weather patterns caused by long-term global climate change.  They can be triggered by intense precipitation, longer duration, close repetition of precipitation or a combination of these.  Flooding affects homes, communities and business directly, and also disrupts vital services, resource flows and transportation networks.  In this webinar, we will review several projects key in mitigating flooding conditions.  Information will be provided regarding the initial project challenges, key design elements, and the unique solutions that helped to meet challenging project site conditions and changing environmental circumstances.


  • How to utilize hard armor design methodologies and applicable factors of safety for protection against hydraulic forces
  • New global innovations for coastal and shoreline protection
  • How to leverage the Contech Engineered Solutions Team to support your erosion protection needs

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Dan Priest


Dan Priest, P.E., is the General Manager for Contech's hard armor solutions and is a registered professional engineer with over 20 years' experience in design and construction of geotechnical and hydraulic structures. Dan holds a M.S. in Civil and Geotechnical Engineering from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and has been published in CE News, Informed Infrastructure, and Erosion Control Magazine. 
King Crop


Barrie King, P.E., is the Eastern Area Manager for Contech's hard armor solutions. Prior to joining Contech, he worked as a structural engineer for the City of Cincinnati and a bridge engineer for the Virginia Department of Transportation. Barrie earned his B.S. in  Civil Engineering from Colorado State University, as well as a B.A. in English from the University of Kentucky. He is a member of ASDSO and ASCE.

C-Fawcett crop


Clayton Fawcett, P.E.,is the West Area Manager for Contech's hard armor solutions. Clayton brings perspective and a solutions based approach to complex hydraulic applications. He has over 20 years of industry experience in the heavy civil and mining sectors. Prior to joining Contech, Clayton worked as a Regional Manager for Armortec, Inc. and was responsible for the Northwest Region Hard Armor Erosion Control Sales and Marketing. He earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Wyoming.


Guest Speaker: Pieter Bakker, Delta Marine Consultants

Pieter Bakker is the Global Manager Xbloc for Delta Marine Consultants. He has a M.S. in Hydraulic Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. As a coastal specialist, he has worked on numerous coastal and port projects from small scale marinas in Central America to large port developments in Europe, off-shore islands in the Middle East and hurricane protection systems in the U.S. He has been involved in the development of Xbloc armor since 2001 and is one of the inventors of the XblocPlus unit. His experience includes all phases of breakwater and shore protection projects from conceptual design to hydraulic model testing and construction supervision.