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December 2021
Willard Orr Bridge over Kenduskeag Stream
Bangor, Maine
Continental Replaces Deteriorating Pedestrian Overpass
Originally constructed in 1980, the existing structure carried pedestrian traffic over Kenduskeag Stream to various destinations in Bangor, Maine. After a study conducted in 2016 determined that the original structure had reached its life expectancy, it was replaced with a Connector®-style Continental® Pedestrian Truss for its competitive cost, aesthetics, and lightweight construction which allowed for the existing abutments and piers to be reused. 
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Building Bridges
State Highway 9
Frisco, Colorado
CON/SPAN O-Series Provide Safe Passage for Pedestrians and Wildlife

During the widening of State Highway 9 between Frisco and Breckenridge, Colorado Department of Transportation addressed safety concerns by installing three CON/SPAN® O-Series® Bridge Systems to provide safe passage under the highway for pedestrians and wildlife.

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McKelvey Park Detention Basin
Mountain View, California
CDS Cleans Stormwater Runoff
After years of planning and design, flood protection improvements were constructed along Permanente Creek in the area surrounding McKelvey Park. A CDS hydrodynamic separator was installed to remove trash, debris, and sediment from stormwater runoff and meet California's requirements.  
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Vermijo & Sierra Madre Streetscape
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Slotted Drain Removes Stormwater Runoff

During construction of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum and Hall of Fame in downtown Colorado Springs, Slotted Drain™ was installed to handle the surface runoff for its function, efficiency, and aesthetics.

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Pipe Solutions Blog
  A Balancing Act

As engineers in the pipe industry, we see the results of a lot of pipe projects.  Fortunately, the vast majority of the installations are successful and result in round pipes that are well supported by the backfill around them.  However, occasionally pipe installations don’t follow the recommended techniques and result in distorted pipes.



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Stormwater Blog
  12" of Cover? That's It?
  As previously discussed in our “Construction Cover vs. Post Construction Cover” blog post, the total cover required for a system is the combination of the pavement, measured from the bottom of flexible pavement or top of rigid pavement, the granular road base, and the backfill material. But is 12” really enough post construction cover for your CMP detention system? The answer is YES! (Most of the time). 
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Earn a PDH Credit
Design Considerations for Using Flexible Buried Bridges in Lieu of Conventional Bridges
The Professional Development Series is a unique opportunity to earn continuing education credit by reading specially focused, sponsored articles in Informed Infrastructure. If you read the following article, display your understanding of the stated learning objectives, and follow the simple instructions, you can fulfill a portion of your continuing education requirements at no cost to you.
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