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August 2023

Memphis Airport Glycol Management

Memphis, Tennessee
DuroMaxx Provides Glycol Containment System

In order to improve the deicing process at the Memphis International Airport, a DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) glycol storage system was selected. Adding a glycol containment system to the deicing pad efficiently captured the glycol runoff and reduced the negative impacts to the environment.

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Building Bridges
Alpena Hillman Trail
Alpena Hillman Trail
Alpena, Michigan
Continental Improves Pedestrian Safety

When a bridge replacement was needed along an abandoned rail grade trail in northern Michigan, a Connector-style Continental® Pedestrian Truss was selected as the best solution for its cost efficiency and quick installation. 

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Glenmont Forest Green Streets
Glenmont Forest Green Streets
Wheaton-Glenmont, Maryland
Filterra Captures and Treats Impervious Drainage
As part of Montgomery County's effort to protect local waters, the Glenmont Forest neighborhood was selected as a Green Street project. The project included the installation of four types of stormwater BMPs and Filterra® Bioretention Systems in existing roadside facilities.
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Pipe Solutions Blog
  Exploring the World of Construction Products: Strength vs. Stiffness

In the realm of construction products, an ongoing discussion among engineers, contractors, and project partners often centers around the strength of different materials. Traditionally, strength has been associated with products that remain rigid and unyielding under load, such as reinforced concrete walls or heavy steel beams. 


However, for engineers working with buried utilities, the perception of strength takes a different turn. In this context, elements like concrete walls and steel beams are considered to add significant stiffness to buried structures, but that might not necessarily make them the strongest.




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Stormwater Blog
In Support of Science
  In Support of Science: One Employee’s Appreciation for a Sustained Commitment to Taking the High Road
  At first glance, singing the praises of one’s own employer might seem a bit self-serving, but as a dedicated environmental professional, I feel the story is worth telling. I don’t have to work here after all, but Contech’s sustained commitment to developing effective stormwater control measures (SCMs), advancing stormwater science, and advocating for robust stormwater policy has kept me motivated to keep at it for 22 years and counting. Contech maintains state of the art research laboratories, has completed dozens of long-term field monitoring studies, and employs a team of scientists and engineers that have collectively amassed unrivaled expertise in research and development, lab and field monitoring, and stormwater policy.
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Upcoming Events
Contech will be participating in the following events, and we invite you to visit us!
Western Bridge Engineer's Seminar in Phoenix, Arizona - September 5-8
California Stormwater Quality Association in San Diego, California - September 11-12
AREMA 2023 Annual Railway Interchange Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana - October 1-4
American Society of Landscape Architects Expo in Minneapolis, Minnesota - October 27-30
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