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April 2021
Avion Mixed-Use Development
Burbank, California
Filterra Treats Stormwater Runoff

Avion Burbank, a 60-acre master-planned, mixed-use development, required a Low Impact Development (LID) plan because the project would alter 50 percent or more of the impervious surfaces. Given the tremendous amount of stormwater runoff that needed to be treated, Filterra Bioretention was selected as the best solution.

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Building Bridges
Cedar Road at Tobacco River
Harrison, Michigan
Open Bottom Aluminum Box Culvert Replaces Washed Out Structure
The existing road crossing at Cedar Road had already exceeded its useful service life when a 500 year flood swept through the area. After evaluating options, it was replaced with an open bottom Aluminum Box Culvert. 
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Sugar Creek Drainage Improvements
Sugar Land, Texas
ULTRA FLO Utilized in Development

During the development of Sugar Land, the flow capacity of Sugar Creek needed to be increased. After the cost of other large diameter conveyance pipes was evaluated, polymer-coated ULTRA FLO® pipe was chosen as the most cost effective option.

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Pipe Solutions Blog
  Last Compaction Hero

In the smash hit 1994 film, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Jim Carey disguises himself as a UPS man and commits egregious acts against humanity towards a benevolent package. He tosses it in the air, spins it around, runs it across a handrail, throws it behind his back, has it smashed against an elevator door, and kicks it down a hallway. Needless to say: whatever was in that package got damaged. If you’ve ever had to ship an item through the postal service, chances are you’ve placed Styrofoam around it, maybe utilized some of those foam peanuts, perhaps shoved some newspaper in there, or had some bubble wrap. It’s because you know there’s a good chance the package is going to receive a beating during its lifetime.

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Stormwater Blog
  Engineering for Slopes over Corrugated Metal Pipe Detention Systems
  Sloping fills over underground corrugated metal pipe (CMP) is an obstacle and consideration when choosing a suitable stormwater detention location. While it is always preferable to place underground detention systems on locations with no slope, that is not always possible. Any given project site may contain several slope geometries or profiles that could pose a risk to underground structures because of unbalanced soil loads. Therefore, in these situations, it is critical to a project's success to know the engineering guidelines to avoid placing an underground system in locations where slope conditions may compromise a design. 
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ASCE Interchange
How to Enhance Infrastructure for Wildlife Prevention
Natural disasters threaten our ability to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. How can civil engineers safeguard infrastructure and protect communities from these crises? Geoff Coleman, wildfire resilience expert and vice president of BKF Engineers, discusses how to enhance infrastructure for wildfire prevention and resilience.
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