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November 2016
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Feature: Stormwater Detention
Building Bridges: Wildlife Crossing
Retaining Walls:  High-Strength Solution
Conveyance: Go with the Flow
Pipe Solutions Blog
Stormwater Blog
ASCE Interchange/Newsworthy
Runway 34 Safety Area - Warwick, Rhode Island
CON/SPAN O-Series and EXPRESS Foundations Provide Stormwater Detention
At a busy airport in Rhode Island, engineers designed an underground stormwater system that provided 3.41 acre-ft of storage while also withstanding the loads of a Boeing 757.
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Brewery Creek Storm Sewer Repair
Duluth, Minnesota
SPR Pipe Relines and Rehabilitates Deteriorating Structure
When an existing storm sewer system at Brewery Creek needed to be rehabilitated, SPR PE pipe was utilized to line the existing barrel restoring the reliability and integrity of the aging system.
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Building Bridges
State Highway 9 Colorado South
Kremmling, Colorado
BEBO and CON/SPAN Structures Provide Safe Crossings for Wildlife and Vehicles
With over 200 wildlife accidents occurring along State Highway 9, a better solution was needed. Two BEBO and five CON/SPAN structures were installed providing safe passage for wildlife and vehicles.
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New Celgene Building L
Summit, New Jersey
Keystone Walls Utilized at Parking Garage
During the construction of a new building at Celgene Corporation, a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company, 40,915 sf of a Keystone Compac III retaining wall system was installed, allowing for the creation of a four-story underground garage.
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Pipe Solutions Blog
  It's the End of the Pipe as We Know It
  Culverts and buried bridge structures rely on a number of practical design and installation criteria to ensure they function structurally, hydraulically and aesthetically. Such structures need to be sized to fit the site hydraulic requirements. Additionally, they need to be installed with proper backfill material, placement and compaction methods.
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Stormwater Blog
  Hydrodynamic Separation Devices: Online vs. Offline
  The question of whether a hydrodynamic separator should be online vs. offline is something that engineers and stormwater treatment manufacturers deal with on a daily basis. This blog post explores two key items that must be evaluated before determining if a system should be online or offline; hydraulic capacity and potential for scour.
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Overcoming the Obstacles of Innovation
Anytown, USA
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In this month's ASCE Interchange, George Hawkins,DC Water’s CEO and general manager, discusses how he was able to reinvent his organization after it had lost the public’s trust and introduce money saving innovations that will benefit customers for decades to come.
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