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April 2017
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Understanding the Impact of Pipe Stiffness on Long-Term Deflections
Understanding the Impact of Pipe Stiffness
on Long-Term Deflections
Continuing Education
The Professional Development Series is a unique opportunity to earn continuing education credit by reading specially focused, sponsored articles in Informed Infrastructure. If you read the article, display your understanding of the stated learning objectives, and follow the simple instructions, you can fulfill a portion of your continuing education requirements at no cost to you.
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Building Bridges
William Field Memorial Hart-Montague Trail
William Field Memorial Trail
Hart, Michigan
Bridge Structures Improve Fish Passage Along Trail
In order to improve fish passage along the trail, three bridge structures were installed to cross the creek: an Aluminum Structural Plate, a Continental® truss, and a Corrugated Aluminized Type II Steel Pipe Arch.
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Beaver Creek Valley State Park
Beaver Creek Valley State Park
Caledonia, Minnesota
CON/SPAN O-Series Provides Clear Span over Stream
A CON/SPAN® O-Series® Bridge System with EXPRESS® Foundations was selected for its aesthetic appeal, quick installation and clear span, which maintained the natural stream bottom.
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City of Monmouth Main Street Park
City of Monmouth Main Street Park
Monmouth, Oregon
CDS and DuroMaxx Pretreat and Store Rainwater
When an amphiteather was added to the park, a rainwater harvesting system consisting of a CDS hydrodynamic separator and a DuroMaxx steel reinforced polyethylene tank was installed to pretreat and store rainwater.
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Big Springs Irrigation Ditch
Big Springs Irrigation Ditch
Toston, Montana
DuroMaxx Conserves Water, Provides Irrigation
As part of a large water conservation project, DuroMaxx pipe was installed adjacent to Missouri River to conserve water and provide irrigation.   
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Pipe Solutions Blog
  Reline Grouting Considerations >> Materials & Process Options

During a recent Contech reline webinar and following question and answer session, there were several great questions asked about Reline Grouting. We are including them here in the hopes that the responses might prove helpful. Hopefully, you agree!

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Stormwater Blog
Detention Systems Risers
  Detention System Risers and Cleanouts - The Tip of the Iceberg
  This post looks at the role risers play in stormwater detention systems, as well as how to size them and where to place them.
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ASCE Interchange
The Business of Business Accelerators

In this edition of ASCE Interchange, learn how business accelerators can help make ideas market ready as ASCE interviews Greg Sauter, P.E., M.ASCE, founder of Smart City Works.

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Contech CDS Receives Canadian ETV Verification

We are pleased to announce that the CDS® hydrodynamic separator has been verified through the Canadian Environmental Technology Verification program. This means engineers, developers, and regulators can have confidence that the performance claims of CDS are valid, credible, and supported by high quality, independent test data and information. 

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Upcoming Events
Contech will be participating in the following events, and we invite you to visit us!
American Trails 2017 International Trails Symposium in Dayton, Ohio - May 7-10, Booth #62
EWRI 17 in Sacramento, California - May 21-25
Water Environment Federation: Collections in Omaha, Nebraska - May 21-24, Booth #300
AWEA Wind Power 17 in Anaheim, California - May 22-25, Booth #2473
Society of American Military Engineers JETC in Columbus, Ohio - May 23-25, Booth #1008

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